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Irma vs Bach

Dear All, It is easy to move on from news items a month old.  But I would like us to stay with hurricane Irma, breaking upon Barbuda and parts of the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti in early September.  Besides, the aftermath is very much with the people affected.  Not only loss of […]

Resting Pastry

Recently I had the opportunity to make some apple and blackberry pies.  The tree outside was shedding apples, the bushes were producing berries galore.  I had the old-fashioned cookery book open in the kitchen, and duly followed its advice to refrigerate the dough before stretching it out below, around and above the apple and blackberries.  […]

Psalm 46

Rector’s Blog July 2017

Dear All, During the week of writing this blog, the same week in which the Grenfell Tower block in West London went up in flames, a member of the parish showed me this prayer they had picked up when visiting the bishop’s palace at Wells : Gracious God, We pray for peace in our communities […]


Rector’s Blog April 2017

Dear All, How has your period of special listening and learning been, I wonder, during Lent?  I have been made to think back to study groups that I was part of many years ago, and how when describing the ministry of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark, we thought of two main headings: teaching and […]


Rector’s blog March 2017

Lent which begins on March 1st is a time to listen and learn together. Why do I say this? Some would wish to emphasise the tradition of giving something up for the 5 weeks before Easter, or undergoing more intense self-examination. May I suggest that making time to meet together with others seeking a way […]