Growing in Faith

Studying the Bible

There are various opportunities to grow in your faith at Frenchay Parish Church. We run courses regularly such as Alpha, Life Explored and Christianity Explored

These provide a relaxed way for you to explore the foundations of the Christian faith, suitable if you aren’t yet sure about what Jesus is all about and also if you are a longtime church-goer who wishes to have your faith refreshed.

Conact Rev Ruth for more info about courses


Baptism & Confirmation

Having become a Christian, the ancient tradition of the church is to make a public declaration of your faith. This is essentially what baptism and confirmation are all about. Click here for more information on Baptisms and Confirmations.


Opportunities to Serve

We all have different gifts and the life of the church community is hugely enriched when we use them to serve both one another and the wider community. At Frenchay Parish Church, we are always looking for people whom God is calling to serve in all sorts of areas. These including providing a welcome and helping with services, visiting and caring for those in need, teaching our young people, music etc. If you have a gift that you would like to offer, please contact