lentcross5207Lent which begins on March 1st is a time to listen and learn together.
Why do I say this? Some would wish to emphasise the tradition of giving something up for the 5 weeks before Easter, or undergoing more intense self-examination. May I suggest that making time to meet together with others seeking a way to God, or a way further on their faith journey with God, is a sacrifice in itself. As we come closer to God, we see our lives in His light. This process happens to be one of great joy! Definitely not prohibited in Lent or any time.

In Frenchay and Stapleton parishes there will be groups meeting to listen and learn together on Thursday morning, Thursday evening and Friday afternoon. The course will last for 5 weeks and is provided by the diocese of Bristol. It is called ‘Creating Connections’.

Each week there is a Bible study and prayer activity to help us explore and deepen our connection with God. There is also a hospitality idea and introductory activity to help us build relationships and connect better with other Christians. The course provides questions for groups to discuss and a challenge for us to try during the week, all helping us connect with the communities we serve. Have a look at it on https://www.bristol.anglican.org/2016/creating-connections-lent-course/

So why not book yourself in the diary for the same time each week if you possibly can? It will run from 9/10 March to 6/7 April inclusive. Information on how to join a group will be in church and the special events page of this website nearer the time.

One final suggestion for Lent: if you’re looking for a book to read, how about ‘Dethroning Mammon’ by our archbishop Justin Welby? I have found it to be a very well spent £10. It’s good to take it steadily and allow the questions it poses to work their way into your heart and mind. A readable and at the same time, powerful book.