Dear All,

What are you looking forward to? Is it a restful weekend?  Or maybe a holiday in the future?  Or something even longer term?

Looking forward has been a dangerous occupation in recent months.  Hopes are easily dashed, with plans having to be postponed or cancelled.  So it might be tempting to give up on the idea of looking forward. But I want to tell you about a ‘looking forward’ that cannot fail.

I am looking forward to our planned Patronal Festival on 27th June 10.30am at Frenchay.  Lay Minister, Kate, will be looking after that service, and it is hoped that we may be able to sing hymns together without wearing masks!

A week later, on 4th July our ordinand, Ruth Harding, is due to be ordained deacon in Bristol Cathedral.  I am so looking forward to the privilege of being her training minister during her curacy in the benefice of Frenchay and Stapleton.

I am looking forward to a summer celebration in the Community on July 18 when we can celebrate the care of our natural environment together (Climate Sunday).

Finally, for now, I am looking forward to when we can have effective lighting and audio-visual system that really works for everybody when they come to Frenchay Parish Church.  We will need your help with this one, I’m pretty sure!

So, what if I didn’t live to see any or all of these things take place?  What if government regulations prevented these from happening?  This is where the Christian hope differs from every other kind of hope. It’s definite.  We mark our years A.D. (ie. from the birth of Christ) because most of the world accepts that Jesus Christ really was born a human being. The books of prophecy in the Bible, and Jesus’ own words, many times state that He is coming back again, this time in power and glory to judge the world and bring those who know Him to be with Him forever.  That is how I want to live now, in the light of the promise of His Second Coming.  Will you have that sort of hope with me?

Rev Charles.